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Hello World!

Welcome to My Blog World at . This blog would be all about the topics I am passionate about viz.

  • Technology – both Software including Azure & Hardware including Microcontrollers, IoT etc
    Unleashing the knowledge acquired from almost 30 years with computers…
  • My love for Motorcycles and Riding – Safe Riding Tips and Tricks and all about Race Track & Racing
    Personal experiences and what I learnt riding a motorcycle from past 28 years and about 6 years on the race track
  • Product Design & Development – My  experience working on Motorcycle Safety Apparel & also IoT Hardware
    Almost 5 years of personal experience and what I learnt out of it
  • Photography – Mostly Motorsports and Candid Photography tips
  • Strategies, Thoughts and Personal Experiences
  • Last but not the least… some Myth  Busters 🙂
    Short and to the point article bursting a Myth

I also welcome any corrections, suggestions for improvement and new topics you would like to see in future over here…

Also watch out for Projects here

Debug Analyzer.NET

What is Debug Analyzer.NET? Debug Analyzer.NET is a debugging automation tool to analyze memory dumps using analysis plug-ins written in .NET!It has several other features to make your debugging life […]

ClrMD Samples

Microsoft.Diagnostics.Runtime.dll also called “ClrMD” is a process and crash dump introspection library. This allows you to write tools and debugger plugins which can do thing similar to SOS and PSSCOR.

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